A Discount for Trying

In our Negotiation Training workshops we encourage people to Try and negotiate every chance they get in both their personal lives and in business. Practice makes perfect!

After a session, a particularly strong and dedicated negotiator decided to Try at a local store. Their story went something like this:

Attendee: Checking out at a store. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Cashier: “That’ll be $68.50, do you have any coupons today?”

Attendee: “No, but I’d like the Bald Guy Discount”.

Cashier: “OK, that’ll be $62.25”

Maybe they thought he asked for the “Old Guy Discount” and gave him the 10% senior citizen’s discount???

Sure it may have stung a bit, but not enough to stop him from pocketing the $6!

Imagine if you were able to reduce all of your expenses by 10% relative to your neighbors and peers. It’s almost as good as getting a 10% raise, and who wouldn’t want that!  All you have to do is Try!

Posted by Mike Inman